We are sure you realize the success of your company depends on the right approach of staff. We can save you time and efforts by planning and organizing the process of recruiting and selecting candidates and presenting the most appropriate of them. In order to make a clear and accurate job description, you must give us in details your position requirements, terms of labor, business details, obligations and responsibilities, as well as the working hours and pay offered. Once we have specified the requirements, your offer will be presented in detail to suitably selected from the data base candidates. We connect with them and introduce your offer/proposal. After receiving their consent and approval, we send you a set of documents: CV, questionnaire. After reviewing the candidate profiles submitted by the agency and making your own selection, you must contact us and indicate the candidate you have chosen. We will make sure the candidate to fulfill the agreement made and appear at your chosen place and appointed time. Whenever necessary, we make additional recruitment of candidates if there are individual or strictly professional requirements.